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The “Bad Rabbit” ransomware

Please be advised that a new cyberattack has been launched that involves a virulent strain of ransomware known as “Bad Rabbit”. This attack has swept through Europe and security experts indicate that the United States is starting to see related activity.

This attack starts with social engineering. You receive an email or visit an infected website where a pop-up message to install an Adobe update appears. If you click on either the “Remind me Later” or “Install” button, the malware is unleashed and your computer files are encrypted until you pay the ransom (0.05 bitcoin, which is about $275). You are given only 40 hours to pay the ransom.

Please do all you can to avoid becoming victimized by this nasty ransomware. Never click on any email links or website pop-ups asking you to install software upgrades or patches without verifying their legitimacy.

The FBI has also cautioned victims against paying any ransom, as most often you’ll never get the decryption keys from the hacker. Visit the FBI’s Internet Crime website to file a complaint.

Remember, always think before you click!

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