We Share A Common Thread


GrowthFountain is a crowdfunding service designed for local entrepreneurs. Through crowdfunding, you can introduce your business venture to a network of investors who are looking for new opportunities. We believe in building the communities we serve, and are proud to partner with GrowthFountain.

A single raindrop does not fill a bucket. But a shower of raindrops will fill that same bucket in no time. Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union has chosen to partner with GrowthFountain because we think that this innovative company can help create more opportunities for individual and community growth.

GrowthFountainThrough crowdfunding, local entrepreneurs will be introduced to a wider network of investors who are looking for new or unique opportunities.

As an Entrepreneur, you will be able to raise capital by issuing “shares” of your business. When listing your company offering on the GrowthFountain site, you will include the principal terms of the offering, including the type of security, the overall amount, and if applicable, an expected closing date for the offering.

Investors will have a selection of local offerings to choose from. You will essentially be buying equity in the business or businesses selected, purchasing as many or as few shares as desired based on on the offering and per share price.

Check out GrowthFountain here.

The investment opportunities and/or products offered through GrowthFountain are not insured by Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union. Deposits/investments are not insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) or the Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC). These investment opportunities/products are not obligations of Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union and are not endorsed, recommended or guaranteed by Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union or any government agency. Reg CF investments are highly speculative, illiquid and an individual should only invest an amount of money they can afford to lose. Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union is not a registered broker-dealer nor are they affiliated with GrowthFountain. Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union has contracted with GrowthFountain to make potential non-deposit investment opportunities and products available to credit union members.

Not NCUA Insured Not Credit Union Guaranteed May Lose Value