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Business Fee & Service Charge Schedule

Business Fee & Service Charge Schedule
Effective as of April 1, 2017
Community Checking
Service charge per statement cycle None
Activity charges per statement cycle:
First 150 Transactions1
151 or more Transactions1
$.30 ea.
Build Checking
Service charge per statement cycle $10.00
Activity charges per statement cycle:
First 300 Transactions1
301 or more Transactions1
$.30 ea.
BuildStrong Checking
Service charge per statement cycle2 $20.00
Activity charges per statement cycle:
Unlimited number of transactions
Account Fees
Overdraft Savings Transfer Fee $7.50 per day
Deposited items returned $10.00 each
Returned Check – NSF, UCF, HF (insufficient funds, uncollected funds, held funds) $27.00 ea.
Loan Transfer NSF $27.00 ea.
Debit Card Fees
Transactions at Jeanne D’Arc ATMs FREE3
ATM Service Fee (non-Jeanne D’Arc ATMs) $1.50 ea.
Online Services
Online Banking FREE3
Online Bill Pay FREE3
Online Statements FREE3
Money Compass $6.99/ per month
Miscellaneous Fees & Charges
Checking Account Inactivity (after 12 months) $10.00 per month
Account Research/Balancing $35.00 per hour
Coin and Currency $5.00 per order
Coin Received $1.00 per $100.00
Check Printing Prices vary on style and quantity ordered
Deposit Bags $1.00 ea.
Over the counter Deposit Bags $1.00 ea.
Early Closing Fee (within six months of opening) $25.00
Foreign Check Collection $20.00
International Exchange Fee – With Currency Conversion 1% of debit card POS Transaction
International Exchange Fee – Without Currency Conversion 0.8% of Debit Card POS Transaction
Member Perks – Community Checking $5.99 per month
Member Perks – Build Checking FREE
Member Perks – BuildStrong Checking FREE
Money Order $2.00 ea.
Night Deposit Key Replacement $10.00
Notary Public – Members Free
Notary Public – Non-Members $1.25 per document
Replacement Card (ATM or Debit) $10.00
Rush Replacement Card (ATM or Debit) $20.00
SEP Retirement Accounts – IRA Transfer $25.00
SEP Retirement Accounts – IRA Early Closeout (within 6 months) $25.00
Signature Guarantee – Members FREE
Statement Copy $1.00 per page
Stop Payment Fee $25.00 ea.
Tax Levy/Attachment $50.00 ea.
Treasurer’s Checks – Payable to Members FREE3
Treasurer’s Checks – Payable to Third Party $5.00 ea.
Unclaimed Property $30.00
Wire Transfers – Domestic $20.00 ea.
Wire Transfers – International $40.00 ea.
Wire Transfers – Incoming $10.00 ea.

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Transactions include: All Credits, Debits, Deposited Items and Checks Paid, over the counter or via electronic processing.


The monthly charge is waived with a minimum daily balance of $50,000.00 and above.


These transactions count toward your monthly per statement cycle.