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Reg E – Use this form to opt in for standard overdraft service for one-time debit transactions

Effective August 15, 2010, an important regulatory change goes into effect which requires action on your part.

What does this mean to you?

Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union can no longer pay overdrafts to checking accounts caused by one-time debit card transactions, unless you authorize us to do so. You must either “opt-in” or “opt-out” and agree to the terms and conditions of our overdraft coverage program.

If you “opt-in” – You will continue to receive overdraft coverage and the current level of overdraft protection will continue, without disruption, under the terms and conditions of your account.

If you “opt-out” – You will no longer receive overdraft coverage protection and one-time debit card transactions resulting in insufficient funds will not be covered beginning August 15, 2010.

Additionally, if you do not provide your overdraft consent selection by August 15, 2010, your account will no longer include overdraft coverage for one-time debit card transactions.

The opt-in form provides information on our standard overdraft practices and associated fees. Please read it carefully, indicate at the bottom whether or not you would like us to authorize and pay overdrafts caused by one-time debit card transactions, and submit the form by August 14, 2010.

To provide your overdraft consent selection simply follow these steps:

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Click on Online Forms
  • Select the form Regulation E – Use this application to opt in for standard overdraft service for one-time debit card transactions
  • Complete the form and click Submit

Read more information about overdraft opt-in information.

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