Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

Checking Account Switch Kit

Make the switch to a better kind of checking—the fee-free kind. Yes, moving your checking account from one financial institution to another sounds like a major pain, but when you use the simple tools and forms housed in our handy Switch Kit, we’ll take care of most of the details for you. Here’s what you’ll find:

Our Switch Kit explains the process and walks you through it step by step, whether you’re a new member or an existing member.

Inside our Switch Kit you’ll find the following forms to make the switching your accounts easier:

  • Request to Close Account—A form you’ll complete and deliver to your previous financial institution when you’re ready to close that account.
  • Request to Change Direct Deposit—Complete and provide this form to your employer and anyone else providing you with direct deposit funds so they’ll know where to route future funds. Sign up for Direct Deposit here.
  • Request to Change Automatic Payment/Withdrawals—You’ll need to complete this form and make as many copies as necessary to forward to anyone making automatic withdrawals from your previous checking account.
See? Nothing to it!
But if you have any questions along the way feel free to email us, call 978-452-5001 or visit a branch.