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Android Pay

1. What is Android Pay?

Android Pay is a mobile payments service that allows users to make secure in-store, online, or in-app purchases on the latest Android smartphone devices.

2. What devices can I use Android Pay on?

Android Pay is available on Android smartphones running on Kit Kat (4.4) or higher. Your device also has to be NFC and HCE-enabled. To check if NFC/HCE is enabled on your phone, go to “Settings,” select “More” and look for “NFC.” If it’s turned off, turn it on. When NFC is enabled, HCE will also automatically turn on.

3. Is Android Pay secure?

Like other mobile payments services, Android Pay is more secure than using a regular plastic debit or credit card to make purchases. When you make a purchase with Android Pay, your card number and information is never sent to the merchant. Instead, a “token” takes the place of your account number for each purchase. The “token” is the number used to complete your transaction, so your real card information is never used.

4. How do I set up Android Pay on my device?

To set up Android Pay on your device, you need the Android Pay app. Most devices come with the app already downloaded, but if you can’t find it on your device, visit the Google Play Store and download it from there.

Once in the Android Pay App, click “Add a credit or debit card.” You may be asked to set up a screen lock passcode if you don’t already have one enabled. Once set up, you can add the details of your Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union Visa Credit or Debit Card. Once complete, you can start using Android Pay!

5. How do I use Android Pay?

You can use Android Pay in-store, online and in-app wherever you see these logos:


To use Android Pay in-store, simply unlock your Android smartphone and tap the back of the phone to a contactless payment reader.

To use Android Pay online or in-app, select the Android Pay option in the payment methods. Simply, select the card you want to use for that purchase and complete your order.

You will also receive your loyalty points and discounts in the same way you do when you use your regular plastic cards.

6. What other cards can I use with Android Pay?

Android Pay works with most major credit and debit card retailers. To view the complete list, visit

7. What stores accept Android Pay?

Android Pay is available at hundreds of your favorite retailers, both in-store and online. To view the complete list, visit

8. What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

If you’ve misplaced your phone or if it’s been stolen, you can use the Android Device Manager to locate the phone and see when it’s last been used. You can also use the Device Manager to ring, lock or erase the device. The Device Manager is accessible via the website,, or through the Android Device Manager App.