Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

Purchase Rewards

1. What is Purchase Rewards?

Purchase Rewards is our online service that allows you to earn rewards by using your Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union VISA® Debit Card.

2. How does it work?
  • You will receive offers for rewards on purchases based on how you shop.
  • Shop online or in stores to continue redeeming offers by paying with your debit card.
  • Cash back rewards will be deposited right into your checking account at the end of the next month.
3. Why should I use Purchase Rewards?

Purchase Rewards allows you to turn everyday purchases into cash. It’s just another way we can help you save money and become MoneyStrong.

4. How do I enroll for Purchase Rewards?

Purchase Rewards is automatically made available to you. Simply login to Online Banking, and click on the “View your offers” link in the Purchase Rewards widget located on the Online Banking homepage.

5. How do I redeem offers?

To redeem an offer, click on the offer inside the widget to view the details. This automatically loads the offer onto your debit card. Each offer has different requirements, such as when and where you can shop and how much you need to spend to receive the reward. Be sure to carefully read the details to know how to receive each offer.

6. What are the requirements to use Purchase Rewards?

To use Purchase Rewards you simply need be a registered Online Banking user and have a checking account with a linked VISA® Debit Card.

7. How long do I have to take advantage of an offer?

Each offer has its own specific expiration date, which can be viewed in the details.

8. When do I receive the reward after I make a purchase?

Rewards are credited to your account the month after you redeem the offer. Because we do not share your information with merchants, we are unable to deposit the reward at the time of purchase. You will see the reward at the end of the next month.

9. Is Purchase Rewards free?


10. I have multiple checking accounts with linked debit cards. Can I use Purchase Rewards for each account?

Yes! From the Purchase Rewards widget on the Online Banking homepage you will be able to switch in between your checking accounts available for Purchase Rewards use. Keep in mind, though, that each account will not have the same Purchase Rewards offered because you may shop differently with each account and its linked debit card.

11. I love Purchase Rewards! Can I access it from my phone or tablet?

Yes! You can access Purchase Rewards on the go with our Mobile Apps for iPhone® and Android™ devices.

12. Why don’t I see any rewards on my homepage?

Purchase Rewards is based on your current shopping habits using your debit card. If you rarely use your Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union VISA® Debit Card, you will not see redeemable rewards until you start making more purchases. The more you use your card, the more you are rewarded.

13. What do I have to do to unenroll from Purchase Rewards?

You can unenroll very easily within Online Banking. Simply follow these steps:

  • From the Online Banking homepage click on “View your offers” link in the Purchase Rewards widget.
  • From the Purchase Rewards page, click on the “Stop receiving all offers” link.