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Phone “Spoofing” Scam

Fraudsters are now “spoofing” phone numbers from financial institutions with the hope that call recipients will divulge their personal and financial information, especially credit card data. The caller will identify themselves as being from the credit union or bank and inform the recipient that they are eligible for a lower credit card rate as a result of credit information supplied by Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion (all consumer credit bureaus). Unsuspecting call recipients may be tricked into sharing their card data which can then be used by the fraudster to run up unauthorized charges.

We’ve learned that the Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union name is now being used in these scams.
Caller ID may show as JDCU and the caller may identify themselves as “Harry Williams” (or any other name the fraudster chooses to use).

Please be very cautious when responding to phone calls, emails and text messages regarding Equifax or any other credit bureau. Never share your personal or financial information with unsolicited callers. If you are asked to provide your credit card data or account number information, simply hang up. It’s best to not engage these fraudsters in any conversation. If you are unsure if the call is legitimate, please reach out to your financial institution directly.

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