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Social Media Scam Warning

Article by Joan Goodchild, SecurityIntelligence.com

By empowering users to share and connect, social media platforms open the door for a variety of different security and privacy concerns. Here are the seven most prominent scams of the year (so far).

1. Catfishing – Catfishing is an internet scam in which a cybercriminal creates a fake online profile to seduce a victim into a fictitious online relationship — usually to get money or other benefits from the victim.

2. Profile Hijacking – Cybercriminals often use the attributes and details of real people — like their photos, hometown and occupation — to set up profiles pretending to be that person and scam other people in their network.

3. Lottery Schemes – Fraudsters use fake Facebook and Instagram profiles to claim a person has won a large lottery prize, but say the “winner” must send gift cards in order to collect it.

4. Quizzes That Mine Your Information – Which “Stars Wars” character are you? What city were you meant to live in? Which celebrity is your soulmate? Sound familiar? These are all popular quizzes that have been widely shared on Facebook, but are actually tricks to get users to share their information.

5. URL-Shortening Cons – While URL shorteners are very useful for sharing a website link within a tight character limit, such as Twitter, they can also be used to mask a malicious page.

6. Chain Message Hoaxes – Snapchat has run into a problem with chain message hoaxes, where fraudsters alarm users that something terrible is going to happen to their data within the app or that unfavorable photos of the person will be shared throughout the app.

7. Money-Flipping – Criminals seek to extort money from users by convincing them to make a bum investment. Cybercriminals make it seem like their victims are investing their money in a business model that lets them ‘flip’ or double their money in no time at all.

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