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I received my FICO® Score from somewhere else, why is it different?

Because institutions use different types of scores, it’s normal for your credit score to vary between institutions. If you receive your credit score from one institution, and it is different from the one you received from another institution, consider the following:

  1. Which type of credit score is being used?
    → Each type of credit score uses a different scoring model. The two credit scores
    you are comparing could be based on two different score versions.
  2. What date was the credit score pulled?
    → Information on your credit report changes as the way you handle credit changes. Take a look at the date each score was pulled. It’s possible that they were pulled at two different times, which could explain any variance.
  3. Which credit bureau provided the scores?
    → Experian, Equifax and TransUnion all hold different information in your credit report, and therefore, scores from each bureau will not be the same. Check to see which bureau calculated the score. If you see that it’s from two different bureaus, this is likely a reason for the discrepancy. Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union obtains consumer credit data from Experian.