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Financial Wellness

Empowering our communities with financial know-how

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For Teachers & Staff

Educators shape the young minds that shape the future. As your financial education partners, we’re here to assist you through our MoneyStrong initiative. Our goal is to help educate students about the importance of personal finance, and to help local schools run efficiently.

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For Adults

We’re committed to your peace of mind. Our tools and resources will help reduce your financial stress and take control of your future.

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For Students

We’re committed to helping you start your financial journey on the right foot, and bringing your education within reach.

The employees are all friendly and very helpful in answering all your questions 😊.

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Meet Our Team

Catherine Casey

Catherine Casey

Assistant Vice President- Financial Wellness

As Assistant Vice President – Financial Wellness, Catherine is responsible for the Financial Wellness and High School Branch Teams. She has been with the Credit Union since 2010 where she began her career as a teller in the Lowell Branch. Throughout her career at Jeanne D’Arc, Catherine has held numerous positions including her most recent role as Branch Manager of the Dracut Bridge – Street branch. Catherine brings her passion for helping members and cultivating relationships to the Financial Wellness Team with a goal to provide educational resources to members from pre-school through adulthood.


Josh Porter

Assistant Treasurer - Regional Financial Education Officer

As Regional Financial Education Officer, Josh oversees the team working in the high school branches and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The program allows high school students to intern as tellers for hands-on experiences while also being taught a full, in-depth financial literacy curriculum. Josh has worked for the credit union for 13 years and has spent the last 5 years in his current role. Josh is a firm believer in the importance of financial education and is passionate about teaching students the tools they need for strong financial futures.


Elizabeth Chhoeum

Financial Education Manager

Liz recognizes the important role she plays as the Financial Education Manager at our Lowell High School Branch. She coaches juniors and seniors on the importance of money management, saving, and investing, and prepares them for future job interviews. She has been employed at the Credit Union for more than 8 years and prides herself on teaching her students valuable lessons to help them succeed in the future.


Heather Pintal

Financial Education Manager

Heather is the Financial Education Manager located at our Dracut High School Branch. She teaches her students the importance of building and maintaining good credit, managing student loans, and avoiding fraud and identity theft. She is a certified educator in personal finance and continuously finds new, creative ways to keep her curriculum engaging and current. Heather has been with the Credit Union for over 20 years and has held numerous roles including her current position since 2005. She truly enjoys helping students make positive financial choices and seeing them build a sturdy financial foundation so they will be prepared for the future.

Christine Germain

Financial Education Manager

Christine joins our Financial Wellness Team as a Financial Educational Manager at the Nashua High School Branch. She has been with Jeanne D’Arc since 2013, previously working as a teller in the Lakeview Avenue Branch, and is excited to help students make smart financial choices. Her students explore hands-on, real-life situations coupled with independent activities to prepare them for the real world. Her goal is to teach students the necessary skills needed to become financially stable.


Kiana Diaz

Financial Education Representative

Kiana is a Financial Education Representative at our Lowell High School Branch. Prior to joining the Financial Wellness team, she was a teller at our Lowell branch. Her goal is to teach students financial concepts that prepare them for life after graduation. In addition, Kiana assists in our Save-at-School Program, which helps school-aged children learn the importance of saving at a young age. She is eager to help students understand the value of proper financial education and become well-rounded young adults.


Jameson Davis

Financial Wellness Specialist

As a Financial Wellness Specialist, Jameson works to educate individuals inside and outside the classroom. This includes the Save-at-School Program, which gives school-aged children the opportunity to learn the valuable lesson of creating good saving habits at a young age. Jameson has been in the industry for more than seven years and has experience educating members on how to become financially successful. He is dedicated to providing a stronger base of knowledge in financial decisions to students, the community, and professionals alike.


Nixvelisse Andino

Financial Wellness Specialist

Meet Nixvelisse, our dedicated Financial Wellness Specialist who is passionate about providing financial literacy to a diverse range of age groups. Nixvelisse started with the Credit Union in 2021 as a Member Service Representative, where she focused on educating members about our financial products and the benefits of financial planning. She then joined our Financial Wellness Team, where she advocates for and encourages members to prioritize their financial wellness. Nixvelisse firmly believes that when it comes to financial education, sooner is better than later, but later is better than never. She is committed to helping individuals understand the importance of financial wellness and how it can pave the way for a bright future and bring peace of mind.

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