Wire Transfer Instructions

Transfer Money from your account


You’ll need to provide all of the following information to the person/account sending you money.

  • Receiving Financial Institution Name

    Receiving Financial Institution Name

  • ABA Number

    ABA Number

  • Beneficiary Information

    Beneficiary Information

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  • Receiving Financial Institution Name

    Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
    1 Tremont Place
    Lowell, MA 01854

  • ABA Number


  • Beneficiary Information

    Name of Account: Member’s Name
    Address: Member’s physical address
    Account Number: Your Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union Account Number

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If anyone asks you for a “Swift Code” during the transaction, use our routing number: 211383846.

To transfer money* from your Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union account:

You’ll need the Receiving Institution, Beneficiary Institution and Secondary Beneficiary information from the person/account to whom you are sending money.

* Wire transfer fees: Outgoing domestic transfers are $20.00 each; outgoing international transfers are $40.00 each; incoming transfers are $10.00 each.