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Core Values Spotlight: May

A graphic that reads "Core Values Spotlight" on the left side with the Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union logo. On the right are the words, "Communication, Accountability, Heart to Serve, Teamwork, Growth"

At Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, our five core values drive everything we do. Each month, we look to acknowledge a group of employees who go above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities and exemplify a Heart to Serve, Communication, Accountability, Teamwork, and Growth.

This month, we‘re sharing three examples of colleagues who truly demonstrated Accountability, Teamwork, and Growth. Join us in congratulating our Core Value winners for the month of May: Crystal Kasey, Hailey Fitch, Nisa Fagundes, Gerard Moussette, and Madeline Aponte.

Crystal Kasey, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lending, and Hailey Fitch, Commercial & Residential Lending Administrator, were recognized for their exemplary accountability and teamwork. Crystal and Hailey worked together for several weeks to implement an improved process for annual reviews of loan accounts. Crystal created a comprehensive tracking system that reduced turnaround time and improved accuracy, Hailey recognized the importance of collecting the financials swiftly and reached out to all borrowers within a week, and together they created a process to prioritize financial requests by loan size and date of last financial review. Once the financial statements were received, Hailey prepared the package for review by its respective loan officer. Their teamwork and willingness to go beyond their roles and responsibilities have resulted in a vastly improved process.

Mortgage Operations Officer Nisa Fagundes was recognized for her accountability for a recent project she undertook. As part of a larger ongoing project, Nisa has been working with our loan origination team to review and update all of our loan files. Ensuring all appropriate documentation is in place to support loan decisions is crucial and Nisa’s effort to complete this task does not go unnoticed.

Gerard Moussette, Loan Servicing Analyst, and Madeline Aponte, Payment Operations Officer, were applauded for their accountability, growth, and teamwork as they managed the annual system testing process for the Payments and Loan Servicing department. They have ensured testing is complete, kept senior management up to date on progress and informed them of any app updates, and much more. Gerard also helped develop a uniform testing workbook to be used for all application testing throughout the Credit Union. Madeline was well prepared for all meetings, and specifically the one where Gerard was providing the direction for the new workbook. She had examples to use, asked questions to ensure she had a solid understanding, and was an active participant. Emily Farnham, Vice President – Payments and Loan Servicing praised them, saying, “This took a large portion of work off of my plate and allowed me to focus on other items without worry or having to step in. I truly appreciate their efforts and dedication to not only the departments, but the organization.”

We love being able to showcase the wonderful people that are a part of the Jeanne D’Arc team! Are you looking for the next step in your career? Do the values of Heart to Serve, Communication, Accountability, Teamwork, and Growth resonate with you, too? Visit our Careers Page to see all of our current open roles.