Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

Build Checking

Build Checking is for businesses with moderate transaction volumes. It allows business owners to operate with a low and predictable monthly maintenance fee, while enjoying significant benefits.


Build Checking Overview
Minimum Balance Requirement $0
Monthly Allowable Transactions 300
Transaction Charges $0.30
Monthly Maintenance Fee $10
To apply for loans, open accounts or to schedule a meeting to discuss your business, contact:

Business Products/Services
Robert Boley
Business Development Officer
OFFICE: (978) 703-7982
MOBILE: (978) 421-4644
Loan Products
Kara Doyle
VP – Commercial Lending
OFFICE: (978) 323-3242
MOBILE: (978) 479-7150

Online Bill Pay is a free service. However, for an electronic expedited payment, the fee is $7.50. Overnight check expedited payment is also available for $25.00.


Business Checking Accounts will incur a per-item fee if the number of checks deposited exceeds the allowed limits. Please refer to the current Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union Business Fee & Service Charge Schedule.


Credit limit based on members’ credit history and ability to repay. Please refer to current Business Fee & Service Charge Schedule for Overdraft Fees.