We Share A Common Thread


1. What are eDocuments?

eDocuments are important financial documents you can opt-in to receive online. These include monthly statements, tax forms, account notices, loan coupons/bills and related disclosures. You can view, print and save each of these documents and access them any time.

2. Why should I use eDocuments?

It’s just like receiving your documents in the mail but better! Forms are stored online for anytime access. You will receive your documents 3-4 days earlier than regular post mail. Plus, you will be going “green” while reducing your mailbox clutter.

3. Where can I find eDocuments?

You can access eDocuments within Online Banking on desktop and on the mobile app. You must enroll to view your important documents.

4. How do I enroll?

You must use the desktop site to enroll. Login to your online banking account and select the eDocuments widget. Within the Subscription Settings, you will be able to enroll in eStatements, Tax Forms and Notices. Simply select the gear next to each option and read and accept the disclosure. On the next screen, select “Online” to complete your enrollment process. Once you’re enrolled on desktop, you will be able to access eDocuments on mobile devices.

5. If I enroll in eDocuments, will I continue to receive these documents via U.S. Mail?

No. Once you’ve enrolled to receive any of the three documents electronically, you will no longer receive those particular documents in the mail.

6. Are eDocuments free?

Yes! There is no charge for this convenient service.

7. How will I know when I have a new eDocument to view?

When a new eDocument becomes available to view, you will receive an email notification to the email address on file within Online Banking. To update your email address, login to Online Banking and go to your Settings. You can change your email address in the Contact tab.

8. How do I access my eDocuments once they are ready to view?

Once your eDocuments are ready to view, visit eDocuments from the menu and click the Notices, Tax Forms or Statements tab. Each tab will show your most recent eDocument.

9. What do I need to view my eDocuments?

To view your eDocuments you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. We recommend using the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Acrobat Reader for FREE.

10. Are my eDocuments secure and safe?

Yes. Your eDocuments are stored behind Online Banking which is protected by firewalls and encryption codes. We have chosen a very secure system in order to keep your private information safe. By reducing the amount of paper mail, you’re actually reducing your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft. Here’s some more information on our Online Banking security practices.

11. How do I unenroll from eDocuments?

To unenroll from eDocuments, visit the eDocuments widget within your online banking accounts. Select Subscription Settings. Click the gear next to the eDocument you wish to unsubscribe from. Select the Paper option, read and accept the disclosure and click Continue.