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Privacy & Security

Your privacy and account security are of utmost importance to Jeanne D’Arc. Here are a few resources you can use to better protect yourself, and we’ve included what the credit union is doing to better safeguard your account information.

Privacy & Security Resources

How Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union Protects Your Personal Information

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Enrollment in Restoration Rescue® begins automatically 10 business days from your enrollment in Member Perks.

For business members, Members Perks is free with a Build Checking or BuildStrong Checking Account, and is $5.99 per month with a Community Checking account. For individuals, Member Perks is free for the first 90 days and then $5.99 per month, beginning on the first of the month after the 90-day free trial period has ended. Eligible consumer accounts include Fee Free Checking, Premier Checking, Senior Fee Free Checking, Senior Premier Checking, Statement Savings, Passbook Savings, Senior Statement Savings, Senior Passbook Savings and Money Market Savings.