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Business Lending

Whatever your commercial lending needs may be, Jeanne D’Arc has options:

Loan Type Description and Best Uses
Lines of Credit A revolving line of credit generally used for payment of operating expenses, as working capital and/or for business cycle needs.
Term Loans A fixed loan paid back over a fixed period of time that can be used to finance new equipment, restructure business debt, increase working capital, and start up or acquire a business.
Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans A loan program sponsored by the Federal Government and offered by Jeanne D’Arc, an SBA Loan is designed specifically for small businesses that may not have conventional lending options available to them.
Overdraft Lines of Credit Automatic overdraft protection allowing the borrower to maintain liquidity and manage cash flow. It also serves to minimize potential fees that could occur due to insufficient funds in the Business Checking Account.
Vehicle Loans The best financing alternatives when purchasing vehicles used for company purposes.
Commercial Real Estate Mortgages Finance the acquisition of or refinance office, retail, industrial or multi-family investment properties.
To apply for loans, open accounts or to schedule a meeting to discuss your business, contact:

Loan Products
Kara Doyle
VP – Commercial Lending
OFFICE: (978) 323-3242
MOBILE: (978) 479-7150
EMAIL: Kara.Doyle@jdcu.com
Business Products/Services
Robert Boley
AT – Business Services Advisor
OFFICE: (978) 703-7982
MOBILE: (978) 421-4644
EMAIL: Robert.Boley@jdcu.com
Business Products/Services
Alison Isaksen
AT-Business Services Advisor
OFFICE: (978) 323-4710
MOBILE: (603) 557-2734
EMAIL: Alison.Isaksen@jdcu.com