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Business Savings

Our Business Savings provides you with a safety net you can rely on and a simple way to save for the future of your business. If you’re looking to save for a longer term, our Certificates of Deposit could be a great option for you.

Business Savings
Overview Business Savings Business Certificates of Deposit
Opening Balance $25 $250
Minimum Balance Requirements $0 $250
Dividends The same dividend rate is applied to entire account balance Compounded and credited monthly
Monthly Fees None None
Other Features Can link this account to Business Checking as overdraft protection Terms from 6 to 60 Months. Penalties for early withdrawal may apply. “Bump Up” option available on certain terms.


To apply for loans, open accounts or to schedule a meeting to discuss your business, contact:

Kara Doyle
VP – Commercial Lending
OFFICE: (978) 323-3242
MOBILE: (978) 479-7150
EMAIL: Kara.Doyle@jdcu.com
Jeffrey Turcotte
VP – Commercial Loan Officer
OFFICE: (978) 323-4710
MOBILE: (978) 888-3090
EMAIL: Jeffrey.Turcotte@jdcu.com
Robert Boley
AT – Business Services Advisor
OFFICE: (978) 703-7982
MOBILE: (978) 421-4644
EMAIL: Robert.Boley@jdcu.com

All remote check deposit enrollees are subject to approval by the Credit Union. Enrollment may take up to two (2) business days.