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Summary of Business Solutions

New equipment, new inventory, more space—you need it now. Expanding your business capabilities or increasing transaction volume—you’ve got growing to do. Jeanne D’Arc can help.

Summary of Business Solutions
Business Need Jeanne D’Arc Solution
Purchase Supplies Business Checking
Business Debit Card
Business Credit Card
Finance Receivables and Purchase Inventory Line of Credit
Term Loan
Manage Cash Flow Line of Credit
Purchase Equipment Equipment Loan
Purchase Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Mortgage
Expand business capabilities
(Accept credit, debit and gift cards, enable online payments)
Merchant Services
Increase in basic transaction volume (writing more checks and taking in more items to deposit) Bill Pay
Deposit Anywhere
Online and Mobile Banking
Increase in balances Business Savings
Certificate of Deposit
Plan for Retirement SEP IRA
To apply for loans, open accounts or to schedule a meeting to discuss your business, contact:

Kara Doyle
VP – Commercial Lending
OFFICE: (978) 323-3242
MOBILE: (978) 479-7150
EMAIL: Kara.Doyle@jdcu.com
Jeffrey Turcotte
VP – Commercial Loan Officer
OFFICE: (978) 323-4710
MOBILE: (978) 888-3090
EMAIL: Jeffrey.Turcotte@jdcu.com
Robert Boley
AT – Business Services Advisor
OFFICE: (978) 703-7982
MOBILE: (978) 421-4644
EMAIL: Robert.Boley@jdcu.com