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Interested in getting support for your charitable organization and/or upcoming event? Make sure that your request falls within the parameters below and complete our charitable request form.

What we support

  • Initiatives that promote:

    • Health for vibrant neighborhoods
    • Financial education
    • Economic revitalization
  • Initiatives that provide:

    • Affordable housing
    • Caring, quality and culturally appropriate health services
    • Shelter and emergency services to homeless families
  • Initiatives that enhance:

    • Opportunities for culturally diverse people
    • Quality of life through educational, social, community and economic development efforts

Make a Request

We Share A Common Thread Foundation requires a formal request from each organization.

Please complete the form with all of the required fields.  Any additional information is appreciated and will help in the evaluation by the We Share A Common Thread Foundation Board.  For event sponsorships, requests must be received six (6) weeks prior to the event date.  Please allow 30 days for a decision and processing check requests.

Questions regarding the application process or request status can be sent to Alison Hughes, [email protected]


Make a Charitable Request