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Are there any withdrawal fees?

A participating member may make a maximum of two (2) withdrawals from their WinStrong Savings Account during the twelve (12) month calendar period, with early withdrawal penalties of $10 for a first withdrawal, and $25 for a second withdrawal. More than two (2) withdrawals within the twelve (12) month period will result in the disqualification of future prizes and result in the closure of the account. If an account is closed, the member is ineligible to open another WinStrong Savings Account for 90 days.

The first business day of January each year, an account holder may continue participation in WinStrong Savings Account for a subsequent calendar year savings period. During January, the first month of the new annual savings period, an account holder may do any of the following, penalty-free: roll over some or all of the funds into a certificate of deposit or other savings product offered by the credit union or otherwise withdraw some of the saved funds without penalty. Any roll-over balance that remains at the end of that month will be treated as a new deposit for eligibility into applicable prize pools for the subsequent calendar year savings period.