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How do I set up Apple Pay™ on my iPhone or iPad?

To use Apple Pay™, you need to first add a debit, credit, or store credit card into your Wallet App.

Be sure your cellular data is on for the Wallet App. To do this, go to Settings, scroll down to find the Wallet App to turn it on.

To add your Jeanne D’Arc Credit/Debit card on your iPhone, open Wallet and tap in the + on the upper-right corner. If you do not see the app icon on your home screen, look in the “Extras” category folder.

If you already have your card on file with iTunes, you can quickly add it by typing in the security code when prompted.

You can also choose to add a different card using the iSight camera or by entering your card information manually.

  • Your bank will verify adding the card to Apple Pay™.
  • They might ask you to provide more information to complete the verification process.

To add a credit or debit card on iPad, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay™, tap Add Credit or Debit Card, then follow the same steps for iPhone above.