We Share A Common Thread


1. What is PayUp!

PayUp! allows members with checking accounts to safely send money to other people using their debit card. You can send money to your children in school, your baby sitter, your lawn mowing service, or even your friends. They can receive the money instantly when they use their debit card information.

2. How do I use PayUp!?

Click PayUp! from the main menu. Another window will open with the “Send Money” screen. NOTE: You may need to allow pop ups from Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union’s online banking site in order for PayUp! to open correctly.

Within the “Send Money” screen, fill in the required information. This includes the email or phone number of the recipient, the amount you want to send them and your debit card information. Click Send.

The recipient to will receive either an email or an SMS text letting them know that you sent them the money. The email or text includes a link. The link will open the “Receive Money” screen where they will enter their debit card information.

The transaction is processed as a normal debit card transaction and debits your checking account.

3. Why use PayUp!?

PayUp! is a faster, more secure solution for your person‐to‐person or person‐to‐business payment needs. Using real‐time debit rails, PayUp! offers no waiting period to begin using the service and funds are transferred immediately.

4. Will I need to apply for a new card or PIN or enroll in a service to send money?

No, you only need your existing debit card, nothing else. There is no enrollment or downloads required.

5. Do I need to register an account to use PayUp!?

No, there is no enrollment required to perform PayUp! transactions; you only need your debit card. The recipient does not need to have an account at Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union to receive the funds.

6. Are funds removed immediately?

Yes! Sending funds via PayUp! functions similar to a withdrawal from the ATM allowing your recipient to receive their funds immediately.

7. When will the recipient receive the funds?

The timing depends on the recipient and their financial institution’s process. If the recipient uses an eligible debit card, the funds should be immediately available. If they use ACH, the funds will be available in 1‐3 days.

8. What if my recipient does not receive their payment?

If the recipient does not claim the funds within 10 days, the funds are returned to your account.

9. Is there a cost to use PayUp!?

There is no cost to use PayUp!

10. If I use PayUp!, will I receive text or spam messages?

The only text or email messages you and the recipient will receive will relate to the sending or receiving of funds.

11. Will my personal information be shared with the recipient?

In order to process your transaction, basic information you provide regarding the transaction may be shared with the recipient. This information includes name, phone number or email. For more information about how your personal information will be used, please review our Privacy Policy.

12. Why do you need my email address?

Messages regarding your transaction(s) will be communicated via email. For more information about how your personal information will be used, please review our Privacy Policy.

13. Is this service available outside of the United States?

Currently, the service is only available for eligible transaction accounts within the United States.

14. What if I send funds to the wrong number or email address?

You may cancel your payment as long as the recipient has not claimed the funds. Go to your transaction history within the PayUp! widget and click “Cancel” next to the payment in order to stop the payment.

If the recipient has already claimed the funds, you would need to work with that recipient to get the funds back.

15. What if I have any other issues or concerns?

Call Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union Member Service at 978‐452‐5001 for any issues or concerns related to PayUp!.