We Share A Common Thread

Our History

It begins with the water. Back in the early 1800s, the mighty Merrimack River, bubbling and churning, flowed through the area and powered the industry that would change our nation. With the Industrial Revolution came the mills, their machines and their workers. In addition to the young women from nearby farms, immigrants, with the dream of a strong future for their families, came to Lowell and the surrounding area to work thousands of looms and weave millions of yards of cloth. Things were booming and by 1850, the community was America’s largest industrial center. The textile industry continued to expand after the Civil War, and men and women from all over the world came looking for work. In fact, around 1880, Lowell was the first city in America to have telephone numbers.

Since our inception in 1912, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union and this area have shared a common thread, weaving together our past with our present, our ancestors with our children, our hard times with our good. We believe so much in our strong foundation, that we built our headquarters, Tremont Yard, atop a base of the remaining historic brick of the Tremont Mills Power House, dating back to the 1840s. We’ve used the latest in sustainable design and construction techniques, and have taken great care to preserve and restore the historic significance of the original mill. It’s our hope this revitalization project will spur many more.

Today, our past, with its ups and downs, has made us a strong, tightly-knit community, one we are proud to call our own. See the many ways we honor it.