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October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019

Earn 2X CASHBACK* when using our CashBack Rewards Card.

Earn 2X REWARDS POINTS** when using our Travel & Gift Rewards Card.

Just about everyone has specific reasons and objectives for using a credit card. So, we think you should have options when it comes to your credit card program. Jeanne D’Arc offers three different Platinum VISA® Credit Cards, and each one has its own distinct advantages. Take a look at each, and then decide which one works best for you:
Rate Card
Get the lowest rate available based on your personal credit history.
Go With Low
CashBack Rewards Card
Earn cash back each quarter based on your purchases.
Get Rewarded
Travel & Gift Rewards Card
Earn points on every purchase, redeem for valuable merchandise.
Score Points

Rate Card

Our Rate Card offers a lower Annual Percentage Rate (APR) than our Rewards Cards. This is a simple, straightforward card for people who carry balances from month to month and want to pay the least amount of interest possible.
Here’s what you can save over a three-year period1 when you switch to our card:
Current credit card balance
Interest paid on that balance at 15.00% APR1
Interest paid with your Jeanne D’Arc VISA® Credit Card
Total savings

CashBack Rewards Card

Earn 1% cashback on every purchase and 2% cashback2 on special quarterly promotions. This is an excellent card for our members who regularly use their credit card for daily purchases and pay off the card balance at the end of each month. You can earn unlimited cash back on your purchases, and the money will be credited to your Jeanne D’Arc VISA® Credit Card statement.

Quarterly Breakdown

Earning Period
10/1 – 12/31
1/1 – 3/31
4/1 – 6/30
7/1 – 9/30
Reward Payout
You can also redeem earned cash before the quarter is over. When you reach $50, $75, $100 or $125 in earned cashback rewards, you can request that the cash be sent to you. Or, you can simply wait until the end of the quarter.
For a limited time, you can earn double cashback2 on quarterly promotion categories with our CashBack Rewards Card.

Travel & Gift Rewards Card

Earn points on every purchase and redeem them from our Rewards Catalog for valuable merchandise or travel experiences. This is a great option for people who are working toward a designated incentive, such as Bluetooth® headphones or a new tablet, especially if you use your credit card regularly and pay off your balance at the end of each month. You’ll see a summary of your points on your credit card statement.
For a limited time, you can earn double rewards3 on quarterly promotion categories with our Travel & Gift Rewards Card.

There’s a whole lot more in store for you.

No matter which card you choose, you also get these fantastic benefits:
An introductory 1.99% APR4 for your first six (6) months
No annual fees or balance transfer fees
Credit lines up to $25,000
eStatement paperless statements
Mobile Pay options available, including ApplePay™5, SamsungPay™6 and GooglePay™
Automatic payment options
Added protection.
Our Platinum VISA® Credit Cards are all eligible for purchase alerts. Simply sign up to receive a text or email whenever your Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union is used at a qualifying merchant. This can help you identify when your card may be being used fraudulently.

When you’ve decided which card is the right one for you, simply apply online.

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