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Beware of unemployment fraud

Coronavirus Scam Alert

There are always new angles for scammers to take advantage of any situation, and unemployment fraud just happens to be the latest. There is a nationwide scam targeting state unemployment systems.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development issued a warning about criminals in possession of stolen personal information from previous data breaches, now attempting to file fraudulent unemployment claims through the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance.

If you believe a claim has been filed in your name we would encourage you to take the following actions:

  • File a police report on your stolen identity
  • Report the fraudulent claim to unemployment assistance
    • MA: 877.626.6800
    • NH: 603.447.3951
  • If you are currently employed, notify your Human Resources Department.
  • Contact the three credit bureaus to place a credit freeze on your identity
    • Equifax: 800.349.9960
    • Experian: 888.397.3742
    • Trans Union: 888.909.8872
  • Contact a Branch Manager to place a password on your CIF (if you are a JDCU member) or follow-up with your own financial institution to inform them of the fraud.

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