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Fraud Alerts

Grandparent Scam Posted on November 19, 2018

Please be aware of the "Grandparent Scam" in our local area. Click to learn more.... read more

Social Media Scam Warning Posted on September 27, 2018

Be aware of these top seven social media scams that are currently on the rise.... read more

IRS Warns of Tax Return Scam Posted on February 22, 2018

The IRS has issued a tax fraud alert to warn consumers about a new tax return scam. Fraudsters are filing tax returns using victims’ information. The victims receive the erroneous refund (before filing their actual taxes) either by check or direct deposit. The scammer poses as an IRS agent or a debt collector and contacts […]... read more

Robo-Call VISA® Debit Card Scam Posted on November 17, 2017

New scam robo-call targets VISA® debit card holders.... read more

Phone “Spoofing” Scam Posted on October 30, 2017

Fraudsters are now “spoofing” phone numbers from financial institutions with the hope that call recipients will divulge their personal and financial information, especially credit card data. The caller will identify themselves as being from the credit union or bank and inform the recipient that they are eligible for a lower credit card rate as a […]... read more