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Core Values Spotlight: April

A graphic that reads "Core Values Spotlight" on the left side with the Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union logo. On the right are the words, "Communication, Accountability, Heart to Serve, Teamwork, Growth"

At Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, our five core values drive everything we do. Each month, we look to acknowledge a group of employees who go above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities and exemplify a Heart to Serve, Communication, Accountability, Teamwork, and Growth.

This month, we happen to be featuring three stories of member service representatives from several different branches, all recognized for heart to serve. Join us in congratulating our Core Value winners for the month of April: Christian Caraballo, Allison Green, and Mackenzie Morlock.

Headshot of Christian Caraballo, Jeanne D'Arc Member Service Representative. She is resting her hand under her chin and smiling at the camera.Christian Caraballo, Member Service Representative Lowell branch, was recognized for having a heart to serve, going above and beyond the bounds of her job description. You never know what a day will bring you, and Cristian certainly had no idea what was coming her way last month. She was working in the Lowell branch when she noticed a small child running in the lobby with a pair of scissors. She said that her “’mom’ instincts immediately kicked in” and ran over to get them away from the child before he could accidentally hurt himself. Thanks to Chris’ situational awareness and quick thinking, no one was injured, including the child.

Headshot of Allison Green, Jeanne D'Arc Member Service Representative. She is a white woman with long medium-blonde hair. She's wearing glasses and smiling at the camera. Also recognized for her heart to serve, Allison Green, Member Service Representative in our Bridge Street branch in Dracut, recently provided truly personalized service to a member in their time of need. A member came in to her branch because a hold was placed on her account by Collections. Allison sensed that something deeper was going on in the member’s life and asked if she was facing particular hardship that might prevent her from making the payment in full to remove the hold. The member explained that their household recently experienced a job loss and that her father had passed away in another country, and so on top of the reduced income she had to fly overseas unexpectedly and help family with medical and funeral expenses, all of which add up quickly.

Having asked the right questions, Allison shared the member’s story with the Collections team. They agreed with Allison that this situation certainly qualified as the sort of hardship that would allow them to lift the hold on her account without her needing to pay the balance in full. The member was so overcome with relief that she started to cry on the phone. As Allison put it, “It was emotionally impactful for me as well to be able to help someone who really needed it. I appreciated the compassion and teamwork from Collections as well and was so glad we were able to say ‘yes’ to this member.”

Headshot of Mackenzie Morlock, Jeanne D'Arc Member Service Representative. She is a white woman with long light brown hair. Last, but not least, is Mackenzie Morlock, Member Service Representative in our Chelmsford branch. Mackenzie was praised for her heart to serve for the close attention and care she gave to a member recently. A member came in concerned about a large unauthorized withdrawal. She brought it to the attention of a senior team member who corrected the error and confirmed that the member was not the victim of fraud.

Kate Dame, VP, Branch Administration, said of her conversation with the member, “She was so complimentary about the service Mackenzie provided to her during her visit to the branch the week before when she inquired about the transaction. She said that Mackenzie was extremely kind and immediately put her at ease.”

We’re so glad to have these wonderful people on our team! Are you looking for the next step in your career? Do the values of Heart to Serve, Communication, Accountability, Teamwork, and Growth resonate with you, too? Check out our Careers Page to see our current job openings.