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The WinStrong Savings Account. Save Big. Win Bigger!

NOW AVAILABLE! WinStrong Savings is a new way to save that finally makes it EXCITING to save money. You’ll be rewarded by watching your savings grow, and experience the thrill of the prize drawings—monthly, quarterly, and annually. And unlike playing the lottery, you don’t lose anything. All of the money you deposit into the account is yours, plus you’ll earn 0.05% APY* on your balance. Talk about a win-win.

Looking for all the information about a WinStrong Savings Account? Click here to view the Member Participation Agreement.

Current members can open a WinStrong Savings Account by calling the Member Contact Center at 978-452-5001.
New members will need to give us a call at 978-452-5001 to schedule an appointment to open one at a branch.

Win Cash Prizes!

Prize drawings range from $50 to $5,000 dollars!

  • 5 monthly drawings of $50 each
  • 2 quarterly drawings of $500 each
  • 1 annual prize drawing of $5,000

How You Win:

  • Earn a drawing entry every time you increase your month-over-month balance by $25
  • Earn a maximum of 4 entries per month
  • All the money you deposit into the account is yours
  • The more you save, the more chances to win

WinStrong Savings Account Requirements:

  • Minimum opening deposit of $5
  • Must be eligible for membership at Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
  • Must be a Massachusetts resident
  • Qualifying entry-amount: $25 month-over-month balance increase, maximum of 4 entries per month
  • Account must be open and active to win during the drawing period
  • 12-month savings commitment (fees for early withdrawal):
    • First withdrawal = $10 fee
    • Second withdrawal = $25 fee
    • More than two withdrawals = disqualified from prize drawings and forfeiture of any entries earned and account will be closed
  • Limit one WinStrong Savings Account per member
  • Consumer accounts only
  • Must be age 18 years or older to participate in the WinStrong Savings account

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much do I need to open a WinStrong Savings Account (WSA)?

All you need is an opening deposit of $5 and a Jeanne D’Arc Membership Account.

2. Can I open a WinStrong Savings Account online?

Current members can open a WSA by calling the Member Contact Center at 978-452-5001. New members will need to visit a branch to open the account and can find the Member Partnership Agreement and give us a call at 978-452-5001 to schedule an appointment.

3. What is the Award Period?

The WinStrong Savings Account (WSA) program begins on January 2, 2021. Participants opening an account after that date will participate in all eligible drawings based on the time of account opening. The savings and award period is January 2, 2021, through December 31, 2021.

4. Who can qualify for a WinStrong Savings Account?

Due to state laws, the WinStrong Savings Account program Is available for Massachusetts residents only. Must be 18 years or older. Consumer accounts only.

5. How can I access my WinStrong Savings Account?

WSA do not have ATM or debit card access. Online and mobile banking deposits are allowed, online withdrawal and debit transfers are not allowed.

6. How can I win?

For every $25 month-over-month balance increase gives you another entry into the WSA prize pool for monthly, quarterly, and annual drawings. There is a maximum of four entries per month. Entries are limited to a maximum of four (4) entries per month per member; a maximum number of twelve (12) entries per quarter per member; a maximum number of forty-eight (48) entries per twelve (12) month annual savings period per member.

7. How do I know if I win?

You will be notified via email or by phone around the 10th of each month beginning in February, 2021.
Before receiving any prize, an account holder must confirm eligibility by verifying their identity with the credit union. If a member with a WSA is ineligible or becomes ineligible for the prize drawing, such member will continue to be the account holder but deposits to the account will not constitute qualifying entries for the prize pools.

8. What are the prizes?

Five winning entries will be randomly selected monthly to receive a $50 cash prize; Two winning entries will be randomly selected quarterly to receive a $500 cash prize, and One winning entry will be randomly selected annually to receive a $5,000 cash prize.

9. How do I collect my prize?

If you win a monthly, quarterly, or annual prize the money will be deposited into your WSA. You can withdraw your winnings without penalty in the month that you win. If you choose to leave your winnings in your WSA you will receive entries for each $25 deposited up to $100 (4 entries).

10. Are there penalties to withdraw money from my WinStrong Savings Account?

A participating member may make a maximum of two (2) withdrawals from their WSA during the twelve (12) month calendar period, with early withdrawal penalties of $10 for a first withdrawal, and $25 for a second withdrawal. More than two (2) withdrawals within the twelve (12) month period will result in the disqualification of future prizes and result in the closure of the account. If an account is closed, the member is ineligible to open another WSA for 90 days.

The first business day of January each year, an account holder may continue participation in WSA for a subsequent calendar year savings period. During January, the first month of the new annual savings period, an account holder may do any of the following, penalty-free: roll over some or all of the funds into a certificate of deposit or other savings product offered by the credit union or otherwise withdraw some of the saved funds without penalty. Any roll-over balance that remains at the end of that month will be treated as a new deposit for eligibility into applicable prize pools for the subsequent calendar year savings period.

11. Does my WinStrong Savings Account earn a dividend?

Yes, see our current rates here.

Still Have Questions?

Email us, call us at 978-452-5001 or visit any convenient branch.

PRIZES: All Prizes are cash prizes and will be deposited into the winner’s WSA account. Prize winnings may be withdrawn from the member’s account, in the month they are awarded, without penalty, however, account holder is encouraged to consider saving part of any prize winnings in the WSA account.

All winners will be selected from among all eligible participants in the drawing pool. Drawings will occur on or about the 10th of each month, or the next business day, for the previous month, quarter end, and/or year for which valid entries will be determined. Additional special drawings, in amounts to be determined, may be announced from time to time.

Winners will be notified via telephone, email, or standard USPS mail. Prizes are non-transferrable. Prize winnings will be reported as income on IRS 1099 form. Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union will provide this form to its members who have received a prize from the drawing that meets or exceeds the regulations for reporting in adherence to the MA state tax laws.

CHANCE OF WINNING: Actual odds of winning are based upon the number of eligible entries received. Each eligible entry shall have a chance of winning that is equal to that of all other entries.


APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Dividend rate is effective as of December 23, 2020. All rates are subject to change, after account opening, without notice. $5.00 Membership Account required.