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Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union Announces New Prize Linked Savings Program

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Mark S. Cochran, President and CEO of Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, is pleased to announce the launch of a unique new savings program, the WinStrong Savings Account available for Massachusetts residents beginning January 2, 2021.

The WinStrong Savings Account offers a new and exciting way to save money. For each $25 you increase your savings balance each month, the member will receive one prize drawing entry into monthly, quarterly, and annual drawings, with a maximum of four entries per month, so the more you save, the more you win. Prizes include five $50 monthly prizes, two $500 quarterly prizes, and one $5,000 annual prize.

There’s nothing to lose, with a WinStrong Savings Account. All of the money deposited remains with the account holder and as a bonus, they receive entries qualifying them for a chance to win cash prizes, so members can save big and win bigger!

While WinStrong offers a unique opportunity for people to win money, the Credit Union hopes that this will incent those who may not normally be savers to take a new look at how they might change their saving habits.

“We want to encourage members to save money and help them develop good budgeting habits while bringing a little engagement and excitement to the process,” said Mark Cochran.

“Members will have the satisfaction of watching their money grow and experience the thrill of the prize drawings.”

Click here for more details about opening the WinStrong Savings Account.

Photo cutline: Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union’s WinStrong savings program is set to go live on January 2 offering a unique opportunity for account holders to save money and win cash prizes.